We are a Specialist Smart Home Automation Systems Company based in Bournemouth. As proud partners of Loxone we can provide you with the perfect Smart Home Automation System for your home. Our simple, easy to use and intuitive Loxone Smart Home Systems allow you to centrally manage everything from Lighting and Heating to Security and AV Systems through the intelligent Miniserver.

Our Smart Home Systems can be designed and configured around your home, family and lifestyle. The system can be easily controlled and managed from anywhere in the world through the free Loxone Smart Home App available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android or via your web browser.

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In a Loxone Smart Home you can control everything from your Lighting and Heating to your PV System, all from a switch or from your phone. Best of all your home knows what to do, because it's intelligently automated.

In the Loxone Smart Home everything runs together from a central intelligent nerve centre: the little green Loxone Miniserver. This means that a single simple motion detector or switch could control not just Lighting, but also the Alarm System, Heating, Music and so on. Say goodbye to isolated devices!

The Loxone system is simple to use with just a flick of a switch when you’re at home, or a swipe of your phone when you’re not. You can activate ambience settings that suit your habits and lifestyle.

The Loxone Miniserver is perfect for new builds. The Miniserver price is £429.00 To order your system or for more information Click Here or email us at info@das-haus.co.uk.

The Miniserver Go combines ease of use and installation with intelligent automation, resulting in a superior smart home. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an automation system with the same capabilities as a wired system, but doesn’t want the mess or fuss of re-wiring.

The Miniserver Go based on Loxone Air Technology, is the intelligent heart of your wireless smart home.

  • Boasts the same intelligence as the Loxone Miniserver.
  • Perfect for retrofitting and renovations.
  • Unbeatable price for the performance ratio.
  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • No need to pull cables.
  • Communicates with up to 128 Air devices.

The Miniserver Go is available for £297.00 For more details on how to order please Click Here or email us at info@das-haus.co.uk

At Das Haus we can provide you with our Specialist Automated Decorative Mood Lighting Service to help bring your home to life.

We can supply and fit a full range of highly designed lights which can be tailored around your requirements to help create the perfect atmosphere for each room of your home.

So whether it's to lighting up your dinning table while you eat or dimmed lights while you relax in the bathroom we can tailor our service around your home and your lifestyle.

With just a flick of a switch the settings on your lighting system can be easily altered based around your family and lifestyle. For an example of our Decorative Mood Lighting Service. Please Click Here for images from some of our recent projects.

For more information on our Specialist Decorative Mood Lighting Service Click Here or email us at info@das-haus.co.uk

Our Smart Home Products can automate the key areas of your home including:

Finding the perfect lighting for your home is never easy. Luckily, our Smart Home Systems are on hand to help with all of your home automation lighting needs..

Switch your lights using scenes you've created just the way you like. For example when it's time to eat... At the touch of a button your kitchen lights dim, coloured lights come on and your dining table is lit up. Perfect!

Our systems allow you to set up a lighting scene based around your home. It couldn't be simpler: Turn the lights on/dim them/change their colour, then save the scene. It's not just through your PC that you can set up a new lighting scene. You can also use your smartphone or even just a switch on the wall.

For more information on how we can design the perfect automated lighting solution for your home Click Here or email us at info@das-haus.co.uk

Loxone's Remote Heating Control is the perfect solution for giving you full control over the heating in different rooms and zones within your home. Individual room control allows you to dictate specific temperatures in different room.

So we want it mostly in the bedroom all day cooler, warmer in the living room and the bathroom should be heated only in the morning and evening. With our Smart Home Systems this is not a problem. You define the heating times and temperature for each room and within a 2-3 week training phase, your heating learns how long it takes to get a room to the desired temperature and switches itself on automatically.

Each room is individually controlled to the specified room temperature, so you use your heating energy fantastically efficiently. This efficiency will enable you to save money on unnecessary room heating as your heating will only be on when it absolutely needs to be.

For more information on how we can design the perfect intelligent heating system for your home Click Here or email us at info@das-haus.co.uk.

Our Smart Home Systems allow you to create your individual alarm system with existing components such as presence detectors, and drive out unwanted guests with bright lights, loud music and more. Save yourself the cost of an expensive burglar alarm and trust the experts in smart home security to protect your home. With Loxone looking after things, you can have a fully functioning burglar alarm system without having to buy any extra components at all.

With our Smart Home Security Systems if your motion sensors detect an intruder, the burglar alarm is set off. Your lights will go on, the blinds will open and you can even get your music system to play loud music to scare off even the most determined burglar.

You can fully customise your alarm. If the alarm goes off, your burglar alarm system will go through the different levels of alert that you've set up. It could start with an optical alarm (the lights flash), move to a siren, then end with an automatic phone call to your mobile

For more information on our Smart Home Security Systems Click Here or email us at info@das-haus.co.uk.

Get total control of your home sound system in your smart home. Stream music in every room throughout your home or office with our Smart Home Multiroom Audio System.

Multiroom Audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms of your home or to have your music follow you as move between rooms. However, a powerful home sound system need not be intrusive. We have designed our multi room audio system to be sleek, including speakers that slot seamlessly into your ceiling, so you can enjoy great sound without the clutter.

With Loxone you can integrate many multiroom audio systems directly into your home. Just press a button to fill the room with music. It couldn't get any simpler.With Loxone you can assign any task to any switch or button. Whether it be turning on your music system, changing radio stations or adjusting the the volume.We'll even help you out of bed in the mornings! At 7:00am, you'll be gently woken up by whatever music or radio station you choose.

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Saving energy and money at home is a big issue at the moment which, with ever rising electricity and gas prices, isn’t set to go away any time soon. Our Smart Home Systems can help you maximise your energy savings at home.

Using Our Smart Home Systems you can Set a comfortable temperature for each room, and heat it only as much as is necessary. Loxone’s Smart Zone Heating helps save energy at home by controlling the temperature of each room using just the right amount of heating needed.

Windows are almost always houses' weakest insulation link. With Loxone, your blinds can be controlled depending on time and even the sun’s position, strength and temperature, making saving energy at home easier than ever before. TVs, DVD players, music players and computers... they all need power - even on standby. Turn off their power supply fully off automatically with Loxone and stop them wasting your energy when they’re not in use.

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Intelligent Shading and Blinds keeps your house cool in summer and can save energy in winter. Find out more about how you can get the most out of automatic blinds with our Smart Home Systems.

Make more of your motorised curtains and blinds. Loxone has extensive targeting capabilities to ensure intelligent shading - so no matter what you want to control (and how you want to do it), you will be able to take absolute control via your smartphone or tablet app.

With the Loxone mini server you get more out of your shading. Close all your curtains automatically at sunset or shut the blinds in your bedroom and then open them after 30 minutes for your afternoon nap. There are so many ways to Loxone's flexible control system to your exact needs.

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